Marketing Storytelling and Humor with a Human Soul: Tell your story.

You – the business owner, CEO, CMO, executive – have BIG, bold ideas to share.

Your big story and bold purpose can get lost in all the marketing noise. You deserve marketing storytelling that honors you, and illustrates how you help customers be better. People buy services, so the most important connection you must make is a human one.

I help organizations and hard-working entrepreneurs – people just like you – turn jargon-monoxide into compelling marketing stories that connect people to your brand and move them to take action. People want to see themselves in your story. They want to be inspired, feel hope, and, sometimes they want to laugh! You have a bigger story to tell customers. Together, we’ll create marketing with a human soul. That means marketing storytelling, facilitation and humor for better content, communication, and connection.

I also humanize internal communication, culture, and training because great marketing starts internally.

Common Challenges I Help Solve

  • Uncovering, framing, articulating and getting big stories out there
  • Strategy challenges with content – telling the right stories in the right places
  • Turning teams into better storytellers with training – branding, HR, marketing, sales, engineering
  • Brainstorming memorable ideas for story, content, products – I use improvisation to get results


“Research shows that 92.3% of audiences are, in fact, human!”

Why Work with Kathy?

No Jargon

No Jargon

Stop customer jargonstipation! We honor your messages, and bring them to life by keeping them simple and compelling.

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Human Stories

Human Stories

Stories are remembered up to 22X more than facts alone. Let’s engage (not enrage) by telling your best stories to the world.

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Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes

Marketing must treat customers as people, not targets. Leave the ammo at the range, and connect with content that starts conversation and gets results.

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