How smart entrepreneurs communicate big ideas

The Reaction to Data Overload The curse of knowledge happens to all of us. We're so familiar with our expertise that we forget others may not be and that they don't care because they have their own challenges to worry about. IntellectualSpeak - knowing your stuff so well (called the curse of knowledge) - often gets in the way of our ability to connect with audiences. It doesn't [...]

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How to Inspire with Your Story – Hero’s Journey with Brian Carter

"I can do it and so can you" How to inspire with your story On April 14, I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend, Brian Carter about his journey from having social anxiety and being highly introverted to becoming a well-known speaker. Along the way, we chat about how to inspire with your story - where is the line between being the focus and being self-indulgent. I think [...]

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Visual Storytelling with Comics

Simplifying Complex Concepts: The Power of Visual Storytelling with Comics I love this article about how a student turned her PhD work in science into a comic book for people who might not otherwise care. Power of Visual Storytelling, Source: It never says “visual storytelling” in the piece – that is exactly what this is. A science student was asked by her thesis advisor, “How would you [...]

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How to Find Your Content Voice (with Jason Miller)

Last week, April 7, I had such a great time talking to LinkedIn's own humble content rock star, Jason Miller, about his journey from music industry to b2b marketer, and how to find your content voice. Your content voice is your calling card. How to Find Your Content Voice (podcast) So how do you find your content voice and hone it? How do you tell your story by [...]

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Comedy in Live-Streaming Video (Vid)

Recently, I had so much hosting a blab with two super smart video people, Tim Washer and Brian Fanzo. Tim knows more about adding humor to b2b video than almost anyone I know and he and I are both humor fans and improvisers as well as marketers. Brian is one the biggest and most passionate early adopters of live-streaming video I know - and he is infectious with his enthusiasm. [...]

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Why a Story Gap Kills Sales and What to Do About it

Source: What is a Story Gap? Every buyer has a story about his or her work, what's wrong, what's right and why he or she does what they do. Conversely, every company has a story they tell buyers about why they should buy. Sometimes, those stories don't match. Here's the thing - every buyer has a story that drives decision-making. If your story about the way the [...]

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Improvisation in Business Storytelling

End of February 2016, I got to chat on a video blab with one of my fave fellow improvisers, Kat Koppett, about improvisation in business storytelling, and how principles of improvisation can help us be better storytellers. In short, storytelling models from improvisation can help shape better stories. Improvisation in Business Storytelling Improvisation in Business Storytelling: Models and Tips for Better Stories How do you use [...]

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Honing Your Storytelling Skills to Inspire & Excel

In Business... Honing Your Storytelling Skills In this audio interview I did for VoiceAmerica radio on behalf of Lianne Picot and StoryPowered, I had the opportunity to chat with storyteller and RISK! podcast creator, Kevin Allison about honing your storytelling skills to inspire others and excel in business. This was the second time I got to talk to the fun and talented creator of RISK! and MTV's The [...]

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Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story

On March 10, I had the great fun of hosting and participating in a blab on Nonprofit Storytelling: How to tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story. In this conversation, I spoke with Karen Dietz and Jim Signorelli about creating compelling story stories. Creating a Story Mosaic Nonprofit Storytelling Highlights Some of the key points discussed: 1. Nonprofit storytelling is a mosaic of constituent stories - we have to be [...]

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How to Tell Your Brand Story

Every company is trying to tell a better story today about its business. Why? Because storytelling is the best differentiation any of us has! And that story has to include the stories our customers and communities tell; actually, those are the most important stories in any storytelling strategy. So how do you tell a better brand story? By romancing your customer. What does that mean? Read on! How to [...]

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