My Story: From Wasting Away in BS-laden, Jargonitaville to Keeping it Human

I was a hard-charging, “get-it-done” marketing executive working in Corporate America. I had a high-powered job creating marketing that even I did not want to read, although management insisted. “Buzzwords sell” was the mentality: “We have game-changing, breakthrough technology that is shifting paradigms, and reframing KPIs….” If *I* didn’t want to read this stuff, imagine what customers thought! It was awful…and I didn’t want to create it. This is a special kind of torture…and I’m sure there is a layer in Dante’s Inferno for this kind of stuff!

I know customers don’t exist to buy your, my, our stuff. Humans have needs, and they want reasons to be inspired and to trust. Jargon doesn’t inspire people – it alienates them! I know from experience the best way to reach them is through stories. According to a study by Stanford University (Oct 2012), stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.

jargon monsterThen one day, I was asked to create a campaign for a new product that was so filled with jargon, I suffered a jargon-monoxide poisoning attack. “How the hell does this BS create customer trust?!” More of this in the world doesn’t serve people – it hurts them and it hurts the companies who create it. I left to develop a better way with less jargon and more humanity and meaning. I ended up creating a company that banned jargon and embraced storytelling and humor, so that my clients could better connect with customers as people and get better results by doing it.  “Keeping it Human” means making a great human connection, and having fun because humor is human. When customers feel a connection, and that a company “gets” them and their human challenges, they are more likely to be loyal. That’s what matters – real connections.

And ever since that day, I have helped clients with great stories buried under nonsense to uncover and tell their human story with clarity, purpose, and simplicity in their communications and branded content so they win in the marketplace. That means their customers win, too. I want my clients and their clients to live happily – not crappily – ever after.

I believe treating people as people (and not targets) is the most important element to marketing success.  There is a better way to connect with your audience and inspire action. Together we can excavate your story, and shout it to the world proudly, loudly, and “humanly.”

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