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“Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Kathy doesn’t stop at the strategy. She deftly delivers the end-product. A rarity.” Jeannine V., Autodesk

“My story and bold purpose is the foundation and inspiration for Living Real Food. It is
the heart of who and what we’re all about. I really enjoyed the creative process Kathy
used to craft, develop and memorialize my story…from her exploratory questions to the
time she spent getting to know me, my passions, dreams and purpose to the way she crystallized it so well. In the end she captured the essence of my story, and purpose, in a succinct, compelling and powerful way. I would highly recommend Kathy to get to the heart and soul of your big human story.”
Phillippe Canabou, Founder, Living Real Food

“Kathy’s style is engaging, relevant and inspiring. Thank you, Kathy!”
Jane LeFevre, Director, United Way Silicon Valley team

“Kathy doesn’t tell you how to do it; she shows you. That’s credibility.”
Jen, Stanford University

“Kathy provided our organization with a workshop on Storytelling and I highly recommend it to others. Kathy gave our staff important frameworks and “tools we can use” to tell our story better. And you did it with clarity and humor. We were fortunate to have her with us!” Larry Olmstead, Vice President Organizational Development, United Way Silicon Valley

“…From communications to adding customer service value and innovating new product and services with existing assets – our sales team gleaned a lot of great info and she brought out the funny in our people. Kathy makes laughing and learning a collaborative effort with great, practical ideas that are easy to implement after the workshop, and that make a difference. Thanks for a great day!” J. Beachman, CEO Delphon

“As the marketing communications expert for Intermolecular, Kathy was my collaborative partner. Together we developed and ran a global, integrated marketing communications program for the company. Kathy’s knowledge and strategic insight were instrumental in the success of the campaign. Her professionalism, ability to problem-solve by uncovering cost-effective strategies, attention to detail, and creativity were outstanding.” Jen A., Loomis Group

“While Silicon Valley may still be the hotbed of innovation, the professionals and experts who present the hottest android apps often sound like androids themselves! We should all take a lesson from Kathy on how to present compelling, useful information with that rare combination of rapid-fire intelligence and great levity.  I walked away with at least 3 solid ideas and reoxygenated my blood from laughing! Shelly Gordon, Principal, G2Communications Inc.

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