On June 20th, I had the opportunity to talk to my long-time Society for New Communications Research (sncr.org) colleague, the always fun and provocative Brian Solis.


What’s the Future of Business?

It’s the end of business as usual (yes, that’s another book by Brian!). Marketing is changing. In this WTF podcast, Brian Solis and Kathy Klotz-Guest discuss why and how business must change, the meaning of the Human Algorithm, and how marketers not only need to speak the language of business outcomes (not social media tactics); they need to create powerful shared experiences in order to play a bigger future. I love how we ended the podcast. If you want to be big and bold – stop copying what others are doing. Create your own damn template! Enjoy!

So WTF will Brian do next? We’ll have to have him back on to find out!

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Your marketing story is always bigger than your products and services. The most important question to be answered is, "What do you stand for in the world?" That means knowing how you leave the world better off. Don't just create marketing; create a movement.