Facilitation That Yields Super Creative Ideas and Big Results

Memorable brainstorming sparks innovative new ideas and gets teams unstuck while they laugh and learn!
Whether you need new product or content ideas, or just want to shake up the status quo in marketing, sales or training, we help you see creative possibilities that yield profitable results!

People get stuck when they do things the same way. Improv changes perspective so you see things in fresh ways. Kathy uses improv techniques to generate creative marketing ideas!

At FunnyBizz SF (below), Kathy leads activities that generate bold, fun, new ideas!

Kathy, host of ‘Improv & Innovation Cafe’ (below), generates super creative ideas for content.

inner-childBased on a collaborative, playful,“Yes, and!” vs. “Yes, but” that kills great ideas, our creative approach yields new insights, bold ideas, and better outcomes.

  • “We generated 5X more ideas for services in one session than with other methods. I felt less pressure to come up with ‘the next best thing,’ and the process brought out the group’s best ideas!” Jennifer Berkley, WIC
  • “Kathy’s approach for product professionals is Red Bull for your team’s ability to innovate high-value products.” Ellen Henson, Marketing Mechanics
  • “Kathy’s workshop on video marketing and telling your story was excellent! Her practical tips, style and subject matter expertise were outstanding. I left with a new tools and ways to approach content. So worth the investment!” Carol Piras, Managing Director, The Piras Group
  • “Kathy tells great stories and creates a fun, supportive environment for learning. The games gave us great ideas on how to incorporate more fun into our meetings, into interactions with other organizations, and as a way to innovate new ideas. I only wish we had more time.” Deepak M., Cisco
  • “I really enjoyed the break out session where we practiced the skills learned in the session and shared stories we wrote with colleagues. Kathy is knowledgeable, fun and innovative in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to colleagues.” Nancy W., IBM

Workshop and Facilitation Clients

The United Way of Silicon Valley, Women in Consulting, Delphon, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University, Stanford Hospital, IBM, Cisco Systems, San Jose State University School of Nursing, DeAnza College, Portola Pharmaceuticals. Society for Human Resources Management, among others.

Popular Workshop and Facilitation Topics

  • Storytelling for teams (marketing, branding, sales)
  • Using Improv to Generate Awesome Content, Marketing and Product Ideas – listen to the webinar!
  • Content Marketing, brand and product storytelling
  • Humor and play at work, and in Your Marketing
  • On-boarding and collaborative employee training

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