Honing Your Storytelling Skills to Inspire and Excel in Business

Honing Your Storytelling Skills

Honing Your Storytelling Skills

In this audio interview I did for VoiceAmerica radio on behalf of Lianne Picot and StoryPowered, I had the opportunity to chat with storyteller and RISK! podcast creator, Kevin Allison about honing your storytelling skills to inspire others and excel in business. This was the second time I got to talk to the fun and talented creator of RISK! and MTV’s The State.

Honing Your Storytelling Skills

Honing Your Storytelling Skills

Listen to the VoiceAmerica interview below.

We chat about creating a powerful narrative arc, how to be vulnerable and balance humility as well as how to tell your story by making others look good.

Your Turn

Speaking of honing your storytelling skills, how do you do it? Let me know in the comments below!

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