I’ve written about Hubspot before. The company has a great sense of humor and it shows in its content, videos, and social media marketing. All business happens between people. And small businesses have to have a sense of humor to make it these days. It’s tough out there with big data, clutter, and all the in-your-face social media. It’s enough to make us want anti-social media!

This is why Hubspot is a company after my own heart with its use of humor. Today, I saw the best unsubscribe message ever: Hubspot Unsubscribe.

Likening an ‘unsubscribe’ to an awkward break-up, this video is smart, funny, and incredibly effective. And, like all humor, it contains a kernal of truth about how break-ups make us feel. Granted, we’re not breaking up with lots of people at the same time.

This is a great way to reinforce the human connection and leave a great feeling even when customers want to unsubscribe. Way to go, Hubspot. You had me at “unsubscribe.” Your approach is one model I can wholeheartedly subscribe to.

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